Digital Signal Modulation & Separation  
  Relative Motion Sensor Design
Product Redefinition and Packaging  
  Web-Based Sports Management Solutions
Design for Workplace Efficiency  
  Solar Thermal Design
Skunkworks Proof of Concept  
  Venture Capital Acquisition
Innovative Design Facilitation  
  Prototype / Short Run Bent Metal Parts
Strategic IP Protection  
  3D ABS Prototype Printing
Pre-Production Product Planning  
  Magnetic Drive & Control
Design Utilizing Limited Requirement Information  
  Product Licensing Agreement / Negotiation
Prototype Sourcing & Management  
  Dancing Lights Product Design
Guerilla Engineering  
  Chinese Supplier Quality Assessment
Sooother Patents  
  High Efficiency Linear Drive Development
Constant Frequency - Variable Load Counterbalance  
  On-site Quality Issue Recovery Manager
Consumer Service Marketing Model  
  Product Quality Containment Recovery
Website Development & Hosting  
  Product Requirements Planning & Validation
Lotus Customer Perception  
  eMarketing Customer Engagement
In-Plant Quality Issue Troubleshooting  
  Strategic Intellectual Property Protection
Bloemer, Meiser & Westerkamp, LLC  
  Cincinnati Wheelchair Games Board
  Multiple Sclerosis Board
Lauch of GolfSuite  
  Customer Duty Cycle Business Plan
Coordinated Solution, LLC  
  Blanket P.O. Negotiations
P&L Project Cost Model  
  Fixed Fee Project Cost Model
Time & Materials Project Cost Model  
  Transistion Marketing /PR
Recruiting / Staffing  
  Start-up Financial Model
Joint Venture Negotiations  
  JV Partner Search & Selection
Westerkamp Consulting  
  New Customer Sales Manager
Progarm 2000 -- Executive Business Management  
  Japanese Customer Sales Manager
TEFP O&M Contract
  Contract Negotiations
Sales Forecasting Model / Analysis  
  Service Cost Model / Analysis
LA Sales Management  
  Customer Development
Safety Business Restructuring  
  Phoenix Business Re-structure & Management
Project P&L Model / Analysis  
  Blanket Purchase Agreement Negotiation
Project Management & Reporting Procedure  
  SK Business Unit Manager
  Business Growth with Profits
Engine Mount Design -- $20/vehicle savings  
  Nissan Quest NVH Development
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering  
  Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Injection Fan Mold Recovery  
  Graduate Scholarship
Eppler Airfoil Design for Engine Cooling Fans  
  Fan Noise Development & Validation
Production Vibration Validation Procedure  
  Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems Integration
Product Costing Model and Cost Data Validation  
  NASA Technical Innovation Award
DIGTEM -- Digital Turbofan Engine Model  
  Wind Energy Digital Data Acquistion
38m Wind Turbine Response to Yaw  
  High Efficiency Generator Turbine Analysis
Automotive Gas Turbine Testing  
  WestPlot User Friendly Graphics Package
Turbine Performance Graphics  
  Film cooling impingement flow validation
Experimental Blood Pump  
  Hot Water Solar Collector Design & Test
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