My Family - My Foundation

The Beginning: I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio by Louis & Marie Westerkamp. I was the seventh of eight children -- Mary, Dave, Connie, Dan, Lois, Cathy, Me and Jan. Needless to say, with 22 years between Mary and Jan, there was always something going on at the Westerkamp household. My father owned his business which provided work for the boys. It also allowed him to take the family on extended travel vacations every year. By the time I finished high school, we had visited most US states.

The New Beginning: In 2002 I met a strange lady, with two strange children, with a strange view of life, and a very strange taste in men. In 2005 Lisa and I were married and Lisa, Allie, Jake and I became a very strange family. In 2007 we were blessed with our son, Noah -- an extremely happy and well behaved baby.

The Seed: Without a doubt, the person that I owe most of my success to is my father, Louis Edward Westerkamp (1912 to 2004). Dad witnessed the greatest period of technical advance in the history of the world -- automobiles, airplanes, telephones, television, space travel, computers, cell phones, ... Looking back, it must have felt like a dream. He also lived through two world wars, the great depression, the civil rights movement, the cold war, space race, the end of the cold war, ...

Through God-given talents or necessity, Dad became a fantastic problem solver and an adventurer. By taking me under his wing on projects like building a boat, re-building a player piano, building an RV, adding solar heat to our house, rebuilding engines, adding an addition to my brother's house, and many other hands-on projects, he taught me how to problem solve by his example. These problem solving abilities are core to all my successes.

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